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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Johmatt Fantasy Forest Garden

  We have rebuilt the "Johmatt Garden" to "Johmatt Fantasy Forest Garden".
The famouse artiest Matthew has builed many new features.

1.  "Glass skybridge" :It's made of 100% glass and connected to Johnmatt hotel's 3rd Floor.

2. "Glass Twilight Walkway" :It's at the top part of the garden. You also can see everything in the garden.

3. "Pumpkin Lights" and "
Catti" :It's at the lower part of the garden decoration.

4. "Forest Area" and "Desert Area" : The lower part of the Garden have two parts.
The "Forest Area" has Tree and Canes.
The "Desert Area" has Pumpkin Lights and Catti.

Remember! Don't feed the pumpkins, because it will be like a fairy tale.
Thanks for reading !


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