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Saturday, August 10, 2013

An Interview With the Architects - John and Matt

Q: So John, you really like to use glass in your designs. Can you tell us what other design features you love?

A: I love big pictures, especially of skulls and skeletons. I like iron because some of the most beautiful houses are made of iron.

Q: What is the part of the Johmatt Hotel you are most proud of?

A: Of course, it's not finished yet. But I really love the lounge because you can see the beach, lava and the water. It's an amazing contrast of colors.

Q: Is this your first hotel you have designed?

A: No, it's my fourth. The first one disappeared mysteriously. The second is on my friend's ipad. The third one was made in survival using wood - it's still around. I hate that hotel. It's all wood, it's crowded and hard to go up in. I want to demolish it, but I don't even have enough TNT!

Q: Ok, last question. What will the Johmatt Hotel be finished?

A: I think definitely before I go to High School in three years time! Maybe less, maybe in a year?

Q: Wow! That could be a long wait! But I'm sure it will be worth it. Thanks for your time!

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